BURNING HEARTS… – By Ram Dhobley

Of burning hearts, if we are speaking,

I’ve got quite a few tales…

I’ve smothered so long, all of my pain,

No, I can’t anymore take…

I must express, the soul of my wounds,

And stabs on my heart so deep…

My cumbersome cries in agony echo,

Suppressed memory when flees…

Depressed I am, so long in vain…

Being heart-crushed, it’s what I feel…

And with every thought bringing me back to the world,

More the darkness seems real…

I wail in disgust, and cry in pity,

But still, I cannot raise…

Come back, oh life! For since you left me,

I no longer feel my gaze…

I know it was me, and I’m sorry for it,

Come on now! Is this how you treat?

Or is it me fool, betting on someone so vile,

Who to me, on my deathbed, won’t plead…

image credits: http://lemerg.com/755579.html

For more of Ram Dhobley‘s work, click here.


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