The Clear Blue Sky – By Aditya Kumar

I envy it,
The clear blue sky..
How did it reach
this height?
How did it acquire,
So much might.?
It reveals nothing,
But it’s naked stark,
It sees rough times ,
But it bears no mark.
So many passing clouds,
But not a single stain..
So much suffering seen,
But not a bit of pain..
Without any limits ,
What a way to be!
It is ,but the vast sky,
For as high you can see!
It neither owns it’s water
Nor does it own it’s fire..
Is it this emptiness,
Is what people admire?
Nothing it has ,
Nothing it gives..
Still it’s looked up to,
By everything that lives..
I am much like you , very empty
Having nothing of my own,
Everything is a passing cloud ,
Is what my life has shown..
Empty doesn’t mean clear..
There are depression marks..
Of things gone and fears..
That are cold and dark.
When will I reach ,
Your height,
How much longer ?
Is my plight?
These questions ,
I ask in vain..
For you don’t ease ,
My pain
You’re not real,
You’re just an empty lie…
But still I really envy you ..
The clear blue sky
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