Solitude In Darkness – By Chirag Patil

It was the month of spring as always….

The usual sun,the flowers on the ground,

And the trees all dried up as always….

With all the serenity and innocence ,

She began to walk the way as always…..

Behind the sun remained hidden the souls of the darks,

Completely destroyed in there own masculanity as always…

Those steps of despaired anxiety and fake beliefs,

Walking towards her, crushing the blossoms of the spring,

She never thought of this,,,as always….,

The usual sun began to turn dark as they came,

And the song of the wind suddenly turned to a moan,

She knew something was wrong as always….

Too late to run, and too late to fight,

She surrendered to their might as always…..

Again a flower was crushed and a spell was cast,

To degrade the humanity at the lowest,

And tear a soul once again apart,

They tortured her body and killed her soul…..

With an oath to stab the humanity in the back,

They never hesitated to chew her skeleton off,

What was left behind was a despaired hope,

and a silent wish to never take a birth here again,

As always….


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click on his name to know more about Chirag Patil.


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