Athiest… – By Rohan Radgirkar


The days of monsoon,

the winds blew loud.

And water poured

from a thousand clouds.

Came a man

and stood out the church

Sat on the desk

under the tree of  birch

The clouds poured more

People  cried and frowned .

Within an hour or less

the entire city drowned.

The winds began to moan

Ripping and tearing the city off.

All people except he disappeared

None of them dared to stop.

The Christ in the church got amazed

Seeing his undetermined  will.

Came out he and said,

“Get into the church gentleman,till the winds stand still.”

Said he,” I am no more a gentleman lord

Mind not consider me a priest.

Appearances do deceive sometimes,

I have turned into a mere atheist.”

“I believe you no more ,lord

In you, I have lost faith.

The one who left me alone in hard times

Is now calling me to save my breath?”

“ I have no desire to live,

Coz, I’ve lost everything.

Who cares to lead an animal life

When born as a human being.”

The Christ smiled &said-

“ I believe my son , you are born great.

No matter if you disbelieve  me

But on you , I have utmost faith.”

“Forgive me for all the hardships you faced,

For in future, I’d planned something great.

Coz ,I knew  you would overcome those hurdles ,

As on you ,I had complete faith.”

As he listened  to this,

Tears rolled down his cheek.

Feeling guilty and unpoud,

He lost his nerves and began to freak.

“ No need of being guilty son!”,said lord

“ It wasn’t your fault.

Coz you were broken by the hardships you faced,

Which were as good as a great assault.”

“Remember son, in life,

You still have great things to achieve.

And to overcome all those hurdles

‘In yourself  ’, you  need to believe.

He bowed to the lord with humbleness ,& said-

“ I’ll remember your words my lord, Coz, in life, I still have lot more things to see

And from this moment, I believe,

Not only in myself but also thee.”


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