The Last Attempt – By Rohan Mundhe

Thank you so much god,

or whoever put me on this planet..
for saving me from the misery of being a woman..
and making me the MAN,by default a ruler..

It’s just fantastic how well I’m established here..
unlike those poor women,only living to breath air..
it makes me feel special that i belong to a mighty breed..
unlike those poor women,being punished for the unknown sins they did..

I enjoy every aspect of what we call the FREEDOM..
unlike those poor women,forbidden by the divine law to only live some..
No one dare to teach me how should i be and what should i do..
unlike those poor women,bound to catch the preaching’s flu..

I am vested with the power to have every pleasure..
unlike those poor women,who don’t even have a permission to fear..
Everything best in this world is made only for we the men..
unlike those poor women,familiar only with the beauty of pain..

I can always talk dirty i can even rape a woman..
may she be in the cradle or on the edge of the grave..
there is no one to stop me cause i am my father’s son..
and not a daughter of some woman slave..

But now i fear as the ball is in the other court..
canon balls with the fierce strength of women have grounded my fort..
at every front i am being defeated by the ones whom i considered inferior..
it’s the dawn of new age where the woman is at the front and not rear..

It’s the time for every woman to be free and fearless..
to break the shackles of social and a manly blindness..
stand for themselves beside the ones who really care..
for icing on the cake now most of the world has become fair..

Women are saving an honor of the nation..
leaving behind the strong and fierce impression..
fear now fears the very sight of a woman so brave..
should i start digging my grave?

Although the time has changed it’s course..
and my existence has been swept away by the heavenly force..
But i still exist somewhere lurking in the darkness..
Still fighting for my mighty race..

He said what he wanted to he is breathing his last day..
a last failed attempt to play..but total darkness has consumed his last ray..

Soon he will die and all the things he said..IT’S WOMAN’s time man have a respect and bow your head..!!!


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Click on his name to know more about Rohan Mundhe.


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