Failure… – By Aditya Naik

All they say is one thing
Even if you fail just try
Fall but don’t give up
Try but never do cry
Trying is just not an option
When you give up all hope
It’s like climbing mountains
With neither clips nor rope
Time slows down by large
So does our very own mind
Filled with needless advice
Of those pretend to be kind
Advice isn’t a very big deal
Just almost every guy does
Its just a set of big words
Which keep going buzz
But little do they know
That how is the real pain
When all with you march
Leaving you down the lane
It isn’t easy for someone
Who once was a master
Now all he can do is fail
When fate is a disaster
Some try and try and try
And end up feeling low
While some give up early
Not knowing where to go
But there is a third kind
Aloof from the two rest
Who wait till the sunrise
As this night was the test
Life is just a sine wave
It has its ups and downs
When the downs go long
Ups are on way to town
Time it takes to smile
Time it takes to cry
Time makes you kneel
Time makes you fly,
Even if you don’t try
Just wait in the lines
Because we get hay
Only when sun shines…
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