Can’t Forget – by Siddesh Rao

(A sweet love story enlaced in a poem….)

Cant forget the day, the first time we talked ,
A sweet little girl was she , whom i didnt know at all,
We actually met virtually, i mean on Facebook ,
We had a chat that day that lasted tym long .

Cant forget the days, we talked for hours,
How sweet was she, i came to know by her talks,
I started falling for her, slowly and steadily,
She was definitely made for me and not for others all.

Cant forget the day, i met her for the first time,
The stage was set , it was her birthday,
Her beauty made me crazy and numb, all at a time,
A glance of hers that night actually made my day.

Cant forget the day, i met her for the second time,
We held our hands tight the whole time,
The day when i sat besides her,
Probably, it was the best day of my life.

Cant forget the day, when we kissed for the first time,
I had been waiting for this day time long,
Her soothing aura tickled my nose,
Nothing in this world can now break our relationship, i thought.

Everything was on the right track,
And suddenly all the things got changed,
Slowly and steadily, love got sidelined,
And ego now took the center stage.

Cant forget the day, we fought so hard,
I asked, “dont you remember anything at all?”
“It was a mistake”, she answered,
That day, i cried heavily by the wall.

She made my life special with all the love,
And i am thankful to her for the same,
Now i only have one hope that,
My best days come to me once again.

-Siddesh Rao

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